David N. Ruiz
Academic Dean
John Paul II Junior College

On behalf of our Chancellor, Fr. Beau Schweitzer, SOLT, the faculty, staff, and student body of John Paul II Junior College, I welcome all participants to the COBEC Winter Conference 2022 in Belize. Whether your attendance will be in person or virtual, it will be our pleasure to greet you as our most gracious guest and friend.


Benque Viejo del Carmen, in western Belize, is nestled at the foothills of the Maya Mountains, along the valley of kings and queens that hewed the story of the ancient Maya Civilization. In the midst of lush vegetation and a rich cultural tradition and history, it is our hope that the time of the conference lived at our modest campus will serve as a retreat to reflect on what matters most as we live through the latter days that have brought challenges as well as opportunities.


May your conference experience with us be as warm and fraternal as our embrace.


Esta es su casa.  Bienvenidos!

Dear COBEC Participants,

I am most pleased to extend to each and every one of you a most hearty welcome to our municipality!

Formal education in Benque Viejo del Carmen dates to almost two centuries; Jesuit priests and Pallottine Sisters, and later lay persons have managed the primary schools. Over the last fifty years our town has gone from only one to three primary schools; there are also three secondary schools, and lately, John Paul II Junior College, the youngest kid on the block. The dedication of foreign and local teachers, and the capabilities and successes of our residents in many fields demonstrate that formal, and informal, education is critical to developing our town, and our nation.

I know that you will continue to positively impact the lives of those you teach and that they too will share their knowledge and skills across and beyond our beautiful landscapes. It is my strong belief that you will achieve your goals and objectives as you embark on “Finding What Matters” at the COBEC Winter Conference in Benque Viejo del Carmen, the westernmost municipality in Belize.

On behalf of our residents and as the man at the steering wheel of the Benque Viejo Town Council, I wish you every success at the COBEC Winter Conference 2022.

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Jorge Antonio Rosales
Benque Viejo del Carmen